Eighty Million Viewers to see the Cycle for Life on TV

May 26, 2016

The Taylor Cycle for Life Foundation is proud to announce the the Cycle for Life will be filmed at the University of New Hampshire for an April news segment. The Gamma Mu chapter there founded the Cycle in February of 2009. The brothers wanted to find a way to honor their brother Taylor who died after a long battle with Leukemia. The Ivanhoe Broadcast News Company produces medical stories and is syndicated by over 250 TV stations in every major city in the United States. Their producers have won 11 National Telly Awards and over 20 regional Emmy awards for their productions. The broadcast will reach 80 million viewers. The story will feature our $250,000 donation to fund a Phase 1 Clinical trial that uses our own bodies natural killer cells. Equal time will feature the story of how the Pikes who work with us have raised the money. We want to thank every chapter that has worked so hard to help us raise this money. Whether a Cycle or a Plan B chapter your efforts are truly spectacular. If you are a chapter not yet part of our group we encourage you to contact us by emailing Leslie Trudeau at leslie@taylorcycleforlife.org. We also encourage any alumni interested in sponsorship opportunities to contact Leslie also.